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On the inside

Stockholm. I pull the hood over my head and escape into a nest, like everyone else, my gaze is down on the slush of snow that has got a brownish tone from all… Continue reading

It was November…

This morning my friend’s son, Mio, sneaked into the guest room where I was sleeping…”Len, wake up!” I smiled a little and stole a kiss from his cheek, thinking that although children are… Continue reading

What if I get to choose?

A friend tells me my hopes are too high. Not that I should “settle” or anything…but that, well, maybe my future husband won’t both be a great cook and musician. We laugh of… Continue reading


I’ve been… Eating my fav sandwich in the morning: avo, coriander and sea salt Enjoying Beatrice’s most amazing home made cookies. (The French Macaroni’s are to die for!) Going out to dinner with… Continue reading

Family fall

It’s weekend again. This one I’ve spent peacefully with my family. My grandmother, uncle and cousin came over for dinner Saturday night. My mom’s lamb meatballs with parsley and lemon zest cooked in… Continue reading

It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day

Good morning Sweden! Good morning World! Good morning golden sun casting light on the lake! Good morning Basia Bulat’s amazing voice filling up the entire living room! Last days of September and I… Continue reading

Mamma Mia – what a beautiful trip!

Mom and I chose to stay in Monterosso, the biggest of the five villages, because mom wanted to stay close to the beach. And actually, I didn’t mind either. Monterosso’s old town was… Continue reading

Neverchanging, everlasting

For me, Rome was more nostalgic than anything. Obviously, showing my mother around was really cool although I had forgotten how much walking you do in this city. It never bothered me (for… Continue reading

Dad and Dalarna

I am at my dad’s big house in the country side of Rättvik Dad really has a knack for personal decorating He runs a second-hand shop (one could almost think it was in… Continue reading

If you ask about my plans

grilla, bada, sola, dansa, skåla, skratta, hänga, äta jordgubbar, gå i gräset, spela brännboll, dricka öl, läsa pocket, äta frukost på balkongen, sitta på bryggan, lyssna på radio, cykla, skriva, åka tåg, gå… Continue reading