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Falling in love with India

Oh, the fresh breeze from the sea mending with the warm evening air… The seducing sound of waves, crashing against the shore beneath the cliff’s edge. The swaying palm trees, the pretty hibiscus… Continue reading

Connecting wires in Vietnam

I arrived Vietnam exactly one month and five countries after I left Bali. Time is a strange term when you’re travelling. You can trick it and trade it, steal it and stretch it,… Continue reading

Women of the World

In my sleeping car to Sapa there is a 65 year old Japanese house wife, travelling by herself. She keeps a journal of food she has enjoyed and friends she has made. She… Continue reading

Losing some luggage, catching a flight

I am back in Ubud for my last day in Bali. I have spent too much of the day at this internet café, answering e-mails, messages, uploading photos, connecting with friends, catching up… Continue reading

Leaving the safe harbour

I’m sitting in Malin’s living room, listening to the rain picking on the window pane. I’m alone as she took a train to our home town this morning. The same town that my… Continue reading

Metric – Youth Without Youth

It’s raining and I’ve got a whole list of stuff to do but when I put on this song I feel like fuck-it-all-lets-dance-naked-in-the-rain!!! .

Cheers blend with tears

There is a buzz from inside the bar Like a bee, stuck in jar There’s all sounds of chatter Inside of my head Cheers blend with tears Morfar is dead 3 days until… Continue reading

The art of (smiling while) tightrope walking

It’s almost 2 a.m but I can’t sleep. I’m restless and… I feel like a million emotions and thoughts are stirring within me, like a big soul pot I’ve kept a lid on… Continue reading

Nneka – Heartbeat (live and bleeding)

This one requires a post of its own, because there is so much truth and soul in what she’s saying.      Simply beautiful.

Spell of rain

There’s a spell of rain across the sky Days drizzle by, not like a stream that runs Over stones and timber, roaring and thriving Towards the greater depth, but rather softly My fingertips… Continue reading