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Too much of a good thing

Today is a beautiful day. Like most days, here on Gili Islands, it is sunny and about 30 degrees, the ocean is crystal blue and there is a steady flow of dive boats,… Continue reading

Make light

I wake up with a heavy head. Not because of a wild night out (I wish) No, rather a lurking notion of yesterday’s evening. Sleepless tears over a cup of tea, with you… Continue reading

Skiathos & Skopelos, Greece

Wow – No cow!

I was only away from Oslo for a weekend, but it felt like a week. I’m sure my recent Instagram feed would give that impression too… 😉 But I have been working my… Continue reading

Feed your soul

I think a lot about Wellness. I do regular exercise and yoga everyday. I write a wellness diary, keeping track on how I feel and how I would like to improve. I follow… Continue reading

(My problem with) Norwegian food culture

On the bus between Gothenburg and Oslo, Sweden and Norway. Two counties with the smallest differences that causes my biggest problem. I’d like to think I’m pretty accepting, but two things bug me… Continue reading

La vita è bella (or, life is a beach)

Cefalú: A stretch of beach and the big blue sea. Sun-tanned women in small bikinis. Hairy men in speedos and dark shades. The old town by the foot of the mountain. A labyrinth… Continue reading

Organic cooking class

I’ve done some amazing things during my still very short stay in Bali but if there is ONE thing I would recommend to everyone, it is Green Kitchen Cooking Class! Words to not describe… Continue reading

Che bella giornata!

Buongiorno bella! …che bella giornata oggi! Il mare è sempre più blu… I’m lazing away the days on a beach in Porto Taverna, where the water is as clear as a swimming pool… Continue reading


Bibi has gone back to Stockholm, Moa spends the night at her sister’s place and Charlotte at her boyfriend’s. I’m alone in the apartment. The bags and clothes that were spread out on… Continue reading