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Midsummer and more

I work A LOT these days. I don’t have any vacation except for the last days of August and the first of September. Until then, I work pretty much 6 days a week.… Continue reading


Today is such an awesome day! The sun is shining, the air is warm with a cool breeze. People are out and about, chillin’ at the cafés and in the parks. Summer is… Continue reading


Just chillin’ out in my new apartment after a couple of eventful days. This weekend I worked at the best job I’ve ever had, with colleagues I call my friends, got a bottle… Continue reading

Women: we share, we care

My friend at home calls me on a Sunday morning, crying. Twenty minutes later I am in her kitchen. She is feeling emotional and calls her boyfriend who is abroad but he doesn’t want to… Continue reading


During the journey some things I have learnt during the journey it isn’t always the names of the stations that are significant but rather who will meet you on the platform when you… Continue reading

Holidays are over

From across the room, piles of stuff are starring at me screaming: Get Packing! But I choose to lie here in bed with a purring cat by my side. Just a little longer.… Continue reading

Slap-kiss me

Sometimes I just want to slap you hard! He said with a smile before he leant down and kissed me. I was complaining about being emotionally stressed out, showing my friend around the… Continue reading

Falling in love with India

Oh, the fresh breeze from the sea mending with the warm evening air… The seducing sound of waves, crashing against the shore beneath the cliff’s edge. The swaying palm trees, the pretty hibiscus… Continue reading

Sacrificing sleep for fun

It is 4.30 in the morning and I should probably have packed or slept a couple of hours… But there are too many musts in life, so instead I stay up and talk… Continue reading

The magic of the moment

Right here, in the little hippie town of Pai, in Northern Thailand. Right now, warm blues music infusing the cool evening air. Me, leaning back in this open internet spot’s leather chair having… Continue reading