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Laundry and other To-Do’s.

It’s laundry day. That means, I hang out at my favourite café Laundromat, drink heaps of coffee and treat myself a fancy breakfast, while getting things done online. My neighbours seem to have gone… Continue reading

Pearl Jam, YES!

What stories will you tell your grandchildren? What memories will you look back upon? I know I will have a few, and that I just added a new. It’s a story about a… Continue reading

June becomes July

Fresh summer days and bright summer nights pass by. Day by day, June is left behind. What a month! Catching up with friends in Stockholm, Hudiksvall and Rättvik. Friends with children, friends who… Continue reading


It’s our last day in the Sardinian sun. Tomorrow me and mom pack up our stuff and leave Porto Taverna, which has been casa nostra for two weeks. No more lunches at the… Continue reading

Hej då Sverige, Ciao ciao Italia!

After two days of cold rain in Stockholm… …me and mom are six hours away from our flight to sunny Sardinia! I took a six hours train from Oslo, arrived around 3 pm,… Continue reading

Euphoria and the return to Båstad

What did you do five years ago? What did your life look like? What were your dreams, or at least your plans? Me, I was 25 and was finishing a tourism and service… Continue reading

After rain comes sunshine

The rain is pouring outside and all I want to do is eat chocolate in bed. That’s not entirely true. I want to be curled into my man’s safe embrace, feel his firm… Continue reading

Work worth while

It’s midnight and I just got back from work. I should go straight to bed because I start 7 a.m tomorrow again. But I feel inspired to write and actually, that is something… Continue reading

Wherever you go, there you are

I’m at Café Laundromat. It’s cold and raining outside but inside the café is buzzing with people’s chatter, jazz music, porcelain, coffee machine and service bells. I’m on my second cup of double… Continue reading


The Norwegian term “hyttetur” isn’t just about going to your country cabin. It’s a culture in itself, the core of the Norwegian lifestyle: You work in an office all week, accounting business profits… Continue reading