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I carry your heart

I can’t think of anything that warms my heart more right now than being cuddled up in Maria’s bed speaking to Lorena over Skype, making plans to reunite in Cape Town for Christmas… Continue reading

So this is the New Year…

…and I’m drinking my favourite morning juice: freshly pressed orange juice, banana, fresh ginger, blueberries and vanilla soy milk. The New Years Eve headache is almost gone. I hadn’t made any major plans,… Continue reading

Welcome to inbetween land

Snow falls on this blog, but not in front of my eyes. It 3 degrees plus outside and the sun sheds a soft golden light on the city. Around 3 p.m. it will… Continue reading

Saturdays of our lives

Saturday night. High heels pacing down the street. People chatting, drinking. Taxi cars rushing by. And as usual: the sound of the neighbour’s foot steps, running around, stamping, stomping on the floor. What… Continue reading

It’s the time of the season

As much as I’ve loved these past few weeks; the crisp air, the blue sky, the soft sun and all the shades of yellow-red leaves, I realize now that there are more leaves… Continue reading

Count the smiles

Count your age by friends, not years. Count your life by smiles, not tears. John Lennon  

The more, the merrier

On Sunday I met up with Moa and her sister Hanna and we went to the Nobel Peace Center. Apart from being a super inspiring and creative Center, there was a photo exhibition… Continue reading


Bibi has gone back to Stockholm, Moa spends the night at her sister’s place and Charlotte at her boyfriend’s. I’m alone in the apartment. The bags and clothes that were spread out on… Continue reading

Mi casa su casa

It’s almost noon and in my kitchen there are cocktail glasses, wine glasses and empty bottles. Apparently we almost used up all the Disaronno liquor making Amaretto Sour drinks yesterday. But they were… Continue reading

Roadtrip n’ pics

Last weekend me and a friend rented a convertible car and drove down the coast from Oslo to Kristiansand. A distance of 320 kilometers so we calculated about 3,5 hours of driving. But… Continue reading