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Piloxing, Pilates, Parties and People

I just came back from Ashtanga yoga class, held by an Indian, quite attractive, young man. Relax your body and surrender to your breath, he repeated with a soothing and set voice. I… Continue reading

Midsummer Pics

Friends & Foo Fighters

I had a great time in Stockholm and although just briefly, I got to see some of my very best friends. I stayed on Sevan’s couch in her new apartment in Gröndal. Being… Continue reading

Perfect Saturday

Perfect Saturday morning. I woke up from the sound of rain outside my window. I put my gumboots on and walked to Café Laundromat, the America inspired café where you can have your… Continue reading

Good enough for now

Sunday morning and I’m off to meet a friend before work. I work every day this week and haven’t had much time to catch up with people or my laundry, which is a… Continue reading

Heja Norge!

On the 17th of May, Norway celebrated their National Day. Although they celebrate independence from Sweden I was happy to wave the Norwegian flag cheer on the parade and watch the beautiful national… Continue reading


I have been here two weeks now. And for two weeks I have felt absolutely amazing. I had forgotten what it feels like to be so much at ease. In fact, sometimes I… Continue reading

Brother & sister weekend

My brother and his friend came to visit me last weekend. They were on a trip down to Copenhagen and Lübeck and decided to swing by Oslo. They came in Friday evening and… Continue reading

Taking time to make time

My best friend Bibi and her boyfriend Lito was back in Sweden after a year in the Philippines. I couldn’t possibly move to Oslo without seeing them so we scheduled three days together… Continue reading

Easter egg filled with L♥VE

My Easter egg was filled with so many great moments, so much sweetness and so many smiles! It came beaming with 23 degrees and sunshine. It had the fragrance of spring, the image… Continue reading