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The girlfriend

It’s almost midnight on a Friday night and I’m in bed alone for the first time in three weeks. The boyfriend – which I now officially call him – is out having beers… Continue reading

Perfection in a day

I woke up in your bed, with a kiss You went to work, I went home I made coffee and called a friend Opened the windows, let the light in Took the bike to… Continue reading

These moments

It’s 2 a.m and I am absolutely exhausted, but I can’t sleep. Faces and feelings from the last couple of days are stirring to the surface and spilling on the screen. I just… Continue reading


No comments necessary….

The women at THE THIEF

This picture was put together to celebrate all the amazing women that work at THE THIEF, today at International Women’s Day. I couldn’t be more proud to be one of them!!!

Christmas is here, now

Feeling more grateful than I can express right now. For family, hugs, home-made food, abundance of gifts and moments made memories. Merry Christmas out there!  

Happy Socks

The joy of family, hats and socks!

Stolen away from everyday life

December is here and what a year! I won’t do the full sum-up yet but this is the beginning of the end of 2013 – a generous year of experiences, that keeps on… Continue reading

All that glimmers…

Isn’t gold. But the light that peeks into work in the morning, is God checking in to say hello, to let me know, that there is always more behind the facades, and beyond… Continue reading

Good night, good morning

I walk along the waterfront in the early morning. It’s dark and quiet. Not even the sea gulls make a sound. Crossing bridges, water and concrete. At work there is warmth. Fire places,… Continue reading