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Swedish Winter Wonderland


Recipe for an amazing homecoming weekend: Have a smooth train ride. Arrive with a smile. Hug your mom. Enjoy her food and company. Have a good glass of wine. Have a rest. Bike… Continue reading

Johan Eriksson – Idol Norge

Yesterday I ran into a guy from my home town on the streets of Oslo. He was just hanging out, leaned against the wall, soaking in the spring sun waiting for his girlfriend.… Continue reading

Easter egg filled with L♥VE

My Easter egg was filled with so many great moments, so much sweetness and so many smiles! It came beaming with 23 degrees and sunshine. It had the fragrance of spring, the image… Continue reading

Tussilago flower

What nature does

Isn’t it amazing how nature changes colour in less than two months? In February, everything was white. In April, everything is grey. In June, everything will be green.  

Hemma i Hudik

A picture of my town seen from Högliden.

Northern Lights dancing over me

There were Northern Lights over Hudiksvall last night! Last time I saw it here was in 2001, and just like yesterday, it was only a vague shade of turquoise dancing on the sky,… Continue reading

Snowing, glowing, energy overflowing!

My dad says I live in a fairytale. Although expressed with equal consideration and sarcasm, he is right. It feels like I’m living a dream when I walk home from the gym, boosted… Continue reading

…but the snow is whiter over here

The grass may be greener on the other side …but the snow is whiter over here And I wouldn’t want to be Anywhere else …in ♥ with this winter.