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if I could crane myself into your wheel of thoughts grasp the imperceptible, that lingers in your silence when you cease to speak (or you think you do) maybe I would understand what… Continue reading

Someone else’s words

I was afraid that when I’d get home, I would have nothing to write about. And I don’t. Maybe, being sick in bed with snow falling endlessly outside my window has got something… Continue reading


today the snow never ceased to fall on this white coated view of the playground from my window seemed more like an deserted battle field silently, my thoughts travelled to you that’s not… Continue reading

Are you the river, or am I?

are you the river or am I do I flow into the sea or do you flow into me why is it when I try to slake my thirst you disappear when you… Continue reading

Ups, downs and forwards

The sunlight hits a cd in the window that cast its reflection onto the ceiling and becomes a heart. Right in between me and Lorena, in our white bare shoulder’s dresses. Two angels… Continue reading


sling my love into the night let it return to me with insight illustrate my transparency and light discharge all fight let me recall not who I want to be but what I… Continue reading

Fall’s spring

what lay before me now? as I step out from the cliff relying on far-flung air thoughts that catch me, are you there? …do you feel my love? light years running this river… Continue reading

Underneath the sky

It was 39 degrees in Cape Town this weekend. The air-con broke down in the office. I was almost slipping off my chair from sweat. Before work I took a morning walk in… Continue reading

Karma Love

So. much. love. In my life. It overflows my eyes. The power is beyond me. I can not hide from it. It streams through my blinds. It sweeps me off my feet, but… Continue reading

You are my destination

My contract for the travel agency I work for here in Cape Town will finish in March. My flight ticket states inbound 13 March. It is not valid for more than a year,… Continue reading