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always leave before it’s time to go

It’s about the journey

It’s about 11 pm on a Friday night and my Swiss-French-Italian-Chilean-Swedish-Turkish-Dutch-friends just left the flat. Leaving me with half empty bottles of beers, cheap wine and crumbs of crackers. I’m wearing a long,… Continue reading


beautiful as the sky is… maybe I was imagining it all still the universe is so hollow when you let me down time and time again

It’s about love

I was brought up knowing only unconditional love. Some of the first memories of love that I can recall are the ones of my mother. When she returned from work, opening the hallway… Continue reading

Pour my soul

my shoreline, I am moving towards you writing the waves of this letter, of my love reaching out for you lost in the haze I feel my heart, and there you are I… Continue reading

Hay Fest

shifts in the grass waltzing my Darling infinite skies and wound up guitars we have come a long way to be Rocking the Daisies lets gather the hay un tie your laces rolling… Continue reading