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If You Stayed Over

If it’s on it’s on for good ‘Coz when it’s gone it’s gone for good Let me tell you… And if you stayed over You know we would, if we could Put it… Continue reading

Things to do before I die

This one is for the New Year.  It’s a reminder to seize the moments and not put things up. Many things on the list I have done already, many things I have yet… Continue reading

The Ferris wheel

Something is not right. I am not all right. But things around me seem to be. It’s not like anything has changed. I still marvel over the beauty of this city. I am… Continue reading

One travels far, to find it at the door step…

It is Christmas Day. I lit candles in my room. Outside, the chimes play familiar lullabies. Finally, I dare to feel. Oh, how comfortable is this bed! How clean are not these sheets?… Continue reading

It’s about the journey

It’s about 11 pm on a Friday night and my Swiss-French-Italian-Chilean-Swedish-Turkish-Dutch-friends just left the flat. Leaving me with half empty bottles of beers, cheap wine and crumbs of crackers. I’m wearing a long,… Continue reading

Keep it loose, keep it tight

Funny, I made a list this morning on what to feel today… And I can tell you. Yes, I felt it all. And more. I had one of those drifting days, where I… Continue reading

To feel today

I love this! People in my presence that fills my cup up with energy. All in their very unique way. I just let it run through me. And I dance. Swirling my body… Continue reading

Team Sweden Pics

It’s been two crazy, wonderful, intense, lovely, heart-warming weeks with my friends. Here are just a few of the good ones we’ve had:

On life…

Life is what happens …while you are busy making other plans… John Lennon

The memory of now

I just got home after a superb dinner at Savoy Cabbage, here in Cape Town. Me and Ursula started off with lobster on a bed of selected salads, fresh raspberries, shiitake mushrooms, white… Continue reading