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La famiglia

I don’t know why I have been writing so much about my family lately. Somehow, being away from them, has brought me closer to them. I just spoke to my mother. She was… Continue reading

I feel it all

I don’t know where to begin this blog post. I just know that I need to write it. Excuse me if my thoughts seem a little scattered. They are. I had two intense,… Continue reading

My father

My dad is visiting me in Cape Town. I have a cool relationship with my dad, but as all family relationships, it is complexed. My parents met in Greece when my dad was… Continue reading

What’s your experience?

There is so much talk about experience these days. In college I even studied theoretically the factors of an experience. I learnt that an experience is created when it exceeds the expectations. Further,… Continue reading

It’s about time

I fell for this hourglass in an artshop the other day. The text really spoke to me: “Don’t count every hour of the day, make every hour count” Isn’t time the most mind… Continue reading

Rays of light

In the supermarket we rush around in circles. Our minds on the dinner we need to prepare, on prices that have gone up, on bills that should have been paid. We gently feel… Continue reading

Another good day in Cape

Today – like all other days, was a good day. And yes, my back is killing me with every breath, but what can I do? Hold my breath? Not for long. No, I… Continue reading

If my life was a musical

I think if everyone was singing instead of talking and dancing instead of walking, we would all be happier people and the world would be a better place. I mean, look how beautiful… Continue reading

A winter in July

It’s winter in Cape Town. On some days this means 22 degrees, a soft sunlight, a clear blue sky and sharp mountains, a fresh ocean breeze, less waiting for taxis, beautiful empty beaches… Continue reading