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Bob Dylan – 40 years later

I got a message from my sister last week: So, Bob Dylan on Tuesday, what’s the plan? In all honesty I had forgotten about the tickets we bought months ago, but I was… Continue reading

Coldplay – Oceans

W.O.W – the bands, the bonds

What can I say? Way Out West was amazing! So many of my favourite bands and friends in one place! We were nine people in Nicolas and Stinas apartment, which was only a… Continue reading

Kent at the Opera House roof

If I had to name one band that has continuously spun my stereo over the last 15 years, Kent would be it. Kent represent my country, my language and culture, the good and… Continue reading

Pearl Jam, YES!

What stories will you tell your grandchildren? What memories will you look back upon? I know I will have a few, and that I just added a new. It’s a story about a… Continue reading

Ben Howard covers Call Me Maybe

I will admit that when I hear the original song by Carly Rae Jepsen played on the radio, I change the channel. I don’t know why the wicked Ben Howard and his band… Continue reading

Josh Garrels – Words Remain

I am blown away by this to the point where I don’t even know what to say. My blog friend said it all in her post already.  Click here to read. Hope your day is… Continue reading

Christmas Lights – Coldplay

Love, Love, Love! Ben Howard + Rich Thomas (Brother & Bones)

A beautiful weekend is drawing to an end. Just as the countdown of this beautiful year is beginning with the first of Advent today. I’ve lit a candle in my room, listening to… Continue reading

Brother & Bones – Back to Shore

Everything about this song pulls me right in!