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7 min worth your time

This is an absolutely stunning video trip from Oslo to Ålesund and down to Bergen, through the fjords of Geiranger, Flåm, Voss and Jondal. Click here to watch! And here for my pics… Continue reading

The new/old house

I have moved into the old house with Johanna and Maja; the other Swedish staff. Soon, the new chef will come to live with us too. Saves money on rent but perhaps a… Continue reading

Summer job

I should probably tell you that I’ve started working at the outdoor centre. It lies in Buksnesfjord, a mountain framed fjord in between two villages in Vesterålen. Nigel and Ingvild, the owners, greeted… Continue reading

Lofoten videos

I’ve checked and apparently I can’t upload videos unless I put them on YouTube which I’m not too keen on. Therefore I’ll have to use other, not so professional 😉 video makers out… Continue reading

Lovely first days in Lofoten

(Hitch) hikes and rock climbs

I had an amazing day on Saturday. Slept really well in my fancy three bedroom rorbu, got up and had coffee at the dock and said farewell to the Englishmen. Checked out and… Continue reading

Reine = Paradise?

It is midnight in Reine and I’m sitting in the kitchen of my wooden fishermens hut, the rorbu as it is called in Norwegian. It looks like midday because of the light outside… Continue reading

The sparrow has landed

This is how happy I am, arriving in Å at midnight yesterday, at the southern peninsula of Lofoten, after 28 hrs of travelling.

Oh peace train sounding louder

Now I’ve been smiling lately, thinking about the good things to come And I believe it could be, something good has begun 3 more weeks before I get on the night train to… Continue reading

Next: Lofoten, Andøy Outdoor Centre

So where is this otherworldly place, I’ve been showing you pictures from? Let me tell you a bit more: Lofoten consists of seven main islands, off the coast of Norway, north of the… Continue reading