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#46. Mando Diao – Infruset

Artist/Band: Mando Diao Album: Infruset (‘Frozen’) Country: Sweden Released: October 2012 Favorite tracks: En Sångarsaga, Infruset, Strövtåg i Hembygden Mando Diao has been one of my favourite Swedish rock bands since their debut… Continue reading

#45. Mando Diao – Bring Em In

Artist/Band: Mando Diao Album: Bring Em’ In Country: Sweden Released: 2002 (August 2003 in USA) Web: Mando Diao Official Website Favorite tracks: Motown Blood, Mr Moon, The Band, To China with Love and Lady.… Continue reading

#8. Mando Diao – Never Seen the Light of Day

Artist: Mando Diao Album: Never Seen the Light of Day Country: Sweden Released: October 2007 Web: Mando Diao’s Official Website Favourite Tracks: If I Don’t Live Today, Then I Might Not Be Here… Continue reading

Sweden rocks!

Another reason to love the fall: Album releases! I am excited beyond words because so many of my favourite Swedish artists are coming out with new material! I already posted the song “Love”… Continue reading