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Old School

A friend sent me this. Look how naturally cool we are! (Batman was big at the time 😉 I’m the small faced blond girl, forth from the top left.

Catching trains, catching up

Two weeks ago it was the end of summer. Now, it is beginning of autumn… Swedish summer is sweet but short. I am so glad I got August. Leaving the job in Lofoten… Continue reading

Ring of reminders

Music should never be harmless. Love makes the impossible possible. Life is your empty canvas.


Blowing in the wind

Did I tell you that I love wind? Did I tell you that September is my favourite month of the year? Do you know why? Because it reminds me that I belong close… Continue reading

Begging for rain

afterwards, when I am not with you and you are alone enough to count the nails in your heart, tough, and studded like a treasure-house door, when you arrange your silences in the… Continue reading

Flashbacks and Fruit

New week, new home. This is the third in a month. But I like it here. I am sharing flat with a friend of mine. She is on and off on vacation so… Continue reading