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Bergen, Norway

Train thoughts

Riding trains and I remember to relax. There is nowhere I need to be, nothing I need to do for the next five hours. I pick up a shrimps sandwich and a beer… Continue reading

The cherry on top

It’s midnight and still almost 30 degrees outside. My windows are wide open and I sleep with nothing but a thin sheet. Is this Scandinavia or South of Europe? Summer of 2014 –… Continue reading

(My problem with) Norwegian food culture

On the bus between Gothenburg and Oslo, Sweden and Norway. Two counties with the smallest differences that causes my biggest problem. I’d like to think I’m pretty accepting, but two things bug me… Continue reading

Go with the flow weekend

To get home a little too late from work because you took a moment to stay and talk to your colleagues. To invite your boyfriend over for dinner but in the end get… Continue reading




Once every something weekend I finish early on Friday and start late on Monday, giving a me a spectrum of almost three whole days off. Usually, this is when I seize the opportunity… Continue reading


Early morning, everything is quiet. Except for the soft sound of his breath, heavy dreaming and drugged out from his knee surgery. Wrapped up in bandage and still wearing the hospital name tag… Continue reading

Easter (things can wait)

It’s the Monday of this never-ending Easter. Easter in Norway starts a weekend earlier than in the rest of the world. By noon on Friday people start packing up the office to go… Continue reading

Skøyen, Oslo

Sunshine woke me up this morning. I hadn’t slept more than a few hours but I woke up full of energy! I opened up my window to be greeted by clear blue skies,… Continue reading