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Mi casa su casa

It’s almost noon and in my kitchen there are cocktail glasses, wine glasses and empty bottles. Apparently we almost used up all the Disaronno liquor making Amaretto Sour drinks yesterday. But they were… Continue reading

The world can wait

Today I am catching up. Catching up with sleep which there hasn’t been much of the last week. Catching up with friends and family that have been trying to reach me. Catching up… Continue reading

City of flowers

I ♥ Oslo (just a little more)

There is a thunderstorm over Oslo right now. As if the last day’s pressure has been too hard the sky seems to want to rip apart and release all its tears and fury.… Continue reading

Oslo 23 July 2011

Some indulgence

I don’t start work until 3 p.m. so I had plenty of time at the gym this morning while the rain was tapping the windows of the SATS ceiling. When I got home… Continue reading

Weather roller coaster

This is what it’s like, pretty much all of the time, living in Norway.

Piloxing, Pilates, Parties and People

I just came back from Ashtanga yoga class, held by an Indian, quite attractive, young man. Relax your body and surrender to your breath, he repeated with a soothing and set voice. I… Continue reading

Power cut

Back in Oslo, in my own bed. The window is open and lets the cool night air into my room. I caught a bus early Monday morning from Rättvik and 9 long, bumpy… Continue reading

Perfect Sun-Day

Yesterday’s rain is gone, today is a beautiful sunny day. I’m listening to my Sun-Day-Morning-Feel-Good Spotify playlist with classics from Nina Simone, Bob Dylan, Otis Redding, Stevie Wonder and Sam Cooke. My open… Continue reading