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Mi casa su casa

It’s almost noon and in my kitchen there are cocktail glasses, wine glasses and empty bottles. Apparently we almost used up all the Disaronno liquor making Amaretto Sour drinks yesterday. But they were… Continue reading

Midsummer Pics

Perfect Sun-Day

Yesterday’s rain is gone, today is a beautiful sunny day. I’m listening to my Sun-Day-Morning-Feel-Good Spotify playlist with classics from Nina Simone, Bob Dylan, Otis Redding, Stevie Wonder and Sam Cooke. My open… Continue reading

Heja Norge!

On the 17th of May, Norway celebrated their National Day. Although they celebrate independence from Sweden I was happy to wave the Norwegian flag cheer on the parade and watch the beautiful national… Continue reading

Brother & sister weekend

My brother and his friend came to visit me last weekend. They were on a trip down to Copenhagen and Lübeck and decided to swing by Oslo. They came in Friday evening and… Continue reading

Had I been in Cape Town today…

Today I’ve been missing Cape Town. Maybe because it’s Sunday… The best day for having pancakes for breakfast. I would add a delicious Mocha from Vida e Caffé or herbal tea at Birds.… Continue reading

Small world eh!

Cape Town has a population of over 3,5 million people, covering a large area of suburbs and townships. But that is hard to realize, when I stroll the streets of the city centre,… Continue reading