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(Have no) Fear of failure!

There is only one thing that makes a dream impossible to achieve: Fear of failure The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

Having without owning

I am convinced that no one loses anyone, because no one owns anyone. That is the true experience of freedom: having the most important thing in the world without owning it. Paulo Coelho

Patience and Courage

The two hardest tests on the spiritual road are the patience to wait for the right moment and the courage not to be disappointed with what we encounter Paulo Coelho (Veronice decides to… Continue reading

When you want something…

When you want something, the whole Universe conspires to help you realise your desire. The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

Design your own shoes/life

I have been home for almost a week. And I mean that literally. I have not left the house on more than two occasions; when I went to visit Frida and her family… Continue reading

Ships are for sailing

The ship is safest when it is in port, but that’s not what ships were built for. Paulo Coelho – The Pilgrimage

Focus; Bow, Arrow and Target

Next, I will post a series of texts copied fromĀ  Paulo Coelho’s blog, originating from his “Warrior of Light” directory. It deals with focus, intensions and goals. Here is how it begins… The… Continue reading

The Bow

The bow, that is life will always be with you, and you have to know how to take proper care of it. It needs periods of inactivity – a bow that is always… Continue reading

The Arrow

The arrow is your intention. It is what joins the strength of the bow to the center of the target. Our intentions have to be crystal-clear, straight and well balanced. Once it leaves,… Continue reading

The Target

The target is the objective to be attained. It was chosen by you. Here lies the beauty of the path: you can never apologize by saying that the adversary was stronger. Because it… Continue reading