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The “uncomfortable” truth

Saturday night and I’m sitting in my little kitchen eating spinach and coriander soup, listening to Leonard Cohen. The window is half open and it strikes me how green the trees have become,… Continue reading

Blossoming Thursday

Just to let you know, I’m back on track and full of energy! Not only did I just receive these beautiful flowers from a guest for something as obvious as giving them a… Continue reading

Sunday @ work

7 a.m is way too early to be starting work on a Sunday. But here I am still, at the hotel, with a big cup of coffee, like so many other weekends since I started 7 months… Continue reading

Mi casa su casa

It’s almost noon and in my kitchen there are cocktail glasses, wine glasses and empty bottles. Apparently we almost used up all the Disaronno liquor making Amaretto Sour drinks yesterday. But they were… Continue reading

Update; everything’s alright!

I’m in Stockholm, in the brothers’ flat, although Micke has left for Barcelona. Sun is shining; spring is on its way, but as always, winter winds linger. I’ve started searching for jobs again.… Continue reading

The coach that never left the station

OK. I feel I have written enough fuzzy blog posts about what I’m feeling, vaguely even touching on the subject on what I’m doing. Even now, I have no idea what I want… Continue reading

Bed Day

To my mother (the best one)

Ever since I was little I’ve know that my mother is the best one in the world. Obviously. She makes awesome food, she is kind and she used to let me stay out… Continue reading

Small world eh!

Cape Town has a population of over 3,5 million people, covering a large area of suburbs and townships. But that is hard to realize, when I stroll the streets of the city centre,… Continue reading

Dream wide awake

I feel it all. I feel it all… Maybe not as much as I have in the past, maybe not as much I would like, in the future, but it’s there…I feel it’s… Continue reading