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Danger Mouse & Daniele Luppi (ft Jack White and Norah Jones)

Genius producer Danger Mouse has teamed up with Italian composer Daniele Luppi, the awesome Jack White and amazing Norah Jones, and recorded the spaghetti western-inspired album Rome, which drops May 16. Damn this… Continue reading

The best pictures are inside

Back in my old room at my mother’s house. I am spending the day in my brand new queen-size bed (yes, it’s true, I have bought myself my first piece of furniture) with… Continue reading

Roman holiday

Neverchanging, everlasting

For me, Rome was more nostalgic than anything. Obviously, showing my mother around was really cool although I had forgotten how much walking you do in this city. It never bothered me (for… Continue reading

Colosseum by night

All roads lead to Rome

Looking out from my grandpa’s window today, while feeding him soup and listening to his sometimes amusing gibberish, I noticed a slight change of colour on the treetops. Autumn has arrived. I pulled… Continue reading

Heavenly Mother, bless this food

Food has always been a central matter in my family. Not only is my dad a cook, but my mom stayed a year at an old fashion house keeping school where they learnt… Continue reading