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September took it’s last sigh and gave space for October. I try to stay present but every day seems to slip away so fast. Like the ever changing autumn landscape flashing by my… Continue reading

It’s in the air

The last breath of summer came with a steady glow of sunshine. We had almost lost hope, but that summer feel finally set in and made all the wait worth while. I’m reminded… Continue reading

It’s the time of the season

As much as I’ve loved these past few weeks; the crisp air, the blue sky, the soft sun and all the shades of yellow-red leaves, I realize now that there are more leaves… Continue reading

What nature does

Isn’t it amazing how nature changes colour in less than two months? In February, everything was white. In April, everything is grey. In June, everything will be green.  

Between letting go and landing

The first snow has fallen. White frost decorates the brittle autumn leaves. Random little spots of ice remind me that it’s time to store away the bike soon. Nature is in transit… Glorious… Continue reading

All roads lead to Rome

Looking out from my grandpa’s window today, while feeding him soup and listening to his sometimes amusing gibberish, I noticed a slight change of colour on the treetops. Autumn has arrived. I pulled… Continue reading

Little furry buds ready to blossom

I dreamt of great whales whipping their tails on the surface of the pond, beneath my window. Like the ones I used to see in South Africa. Like the ones I will soon… Continue reading

Tropical-arctic clues

I remember the moment when I decided. It was just after 6 o’clock in the morning and I was filling up bananas with one hand, holding a mug of coffee in the other.… Continue reading