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Make light

I wake up with a heavy head. Not because of a wild night out (I wish) No, rather a lurking notion of yesterday’s evening. Sleepless tears over a cup of tea, with you… Continue reading

Feelgood weekend (in Oslo)

Yesterday Oslo’s outdoor cafés were packed with people in sunglasses and sneakers. Today it is snowing. It’s March and this is to be expected. Hence why I embrace it, sitting here at Funky… Continue reading

Thoughts and Thank You’s

November is almost finished. Everywhere around me there are signs that December and Christmas is around the bend. Last night I noticed that the park where we lay kissing last summer is covered… Continue reading


. Light As leaves Surrendering To the Fall . Time is separation Love is the only now . P. S Feel free to share what you see and feel about this picture which I… Continue reading

Hello me.

Friday night. At home. Alone. Hello me. Summer is over, or at least it’s beginning to end. This is my favourite season. The transition. As much as I’ve lived and loved this summer… Continue reading

There’s hope for organic mojitos

It’s almost May but the cold winter air lingers. There’s a sort of in between stage, a standstill in the way the sprouting trees stand half sprung and waiting. Makes me think of… Continue reading

Ja visst gör det ont

Ja visst gör det ont när knoppar brister. Varför skulle annars våren tveka? Varför skulle all vår heta längtan bindas i det frusna bitterbleka? Höljet var ju knoppen hela vintern.   Vad är… Continue reading

Getting well, getting into the weekend

I’ve been battling a cold for almost two weeks now. Every time I’ve felt better and started working out again, or drinking less ginger tea it’s come back threefold. Yesterday I woke up… Continue reading

Coming out of hibernation

My days are like snowflakes: I wake up and they are there, around me, as I walk to and from work. Sometimes they are cold and in my face and I am trying… Continue reading

When feeling the first signs of flu

The sky is pale, and so is my skin. I’ve been low lately with signs of a flu coming. But I’ve decided to listen to my body and treat it with all the… Continue reading