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Mind Conditions

I’m staring at a blank page but my mind is buzzing. Thoughts and feelings, insights and confusion, pleasure and pain, all seem to battle for my attention. I’m left without words to pin-point… Continue reading

Mine to keep

After three weeks of crawling into a sandy sleeping bag and hoping the night won’t be too cold or the wind too strong to take down the tent, being snuggled up in a… Continue reading

Sacrificing sleep for fun

It is 4.30 in the morning and I should probably have packed or slept a couple of hours… But there are too many musts in life, so instead I stay up and talk… Continue reading

Josh Garrels – Words Remain

I am blown away by this to the point where I don’t even know what to say. My blog friend said it all in her post already.  Click here to read. Hope your day is… Continue reading

What is it you DO, exactly?

I went out with a friend last night for a couple of drinks. He was home for the weekend visiting and wanted to catch up, because “he just couldn’t figure out what it… Continue reading

If you are reading this on FB

I’ve finally learnt how to change the feed setting on my blog (https://inwardsun.wordpress.com) so that only the initial part of the post appears on Facebook. This means, that if you are reading this on… Continue reading

A day in the blogosphere

This is what happens in the blogosphere: You open your laptop and go to your usual pages You peek into your own blog, hello me… You check for comments (always a pleasure) and… Continue reading