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October captured on camera

1st of November and it seems the longer I don’t write the more difficult it becomes. To put words on this thing I call life. These things that keeps me busy as yellow… Continue reading

Pearl Jam, YES!

What stories will you tell your grandchildren? What memories will you look back upon? I know I will have a few, and that I just added a new. It’s a story about a… Continue reading

Love, Love, Love! Ben Howard + Rich Thomas (Brother & Bones)

A beautiful weekend is drawing to an end. Just as the countdown of this beautiful year is beginning with the first of Advent today. I’ve lit a candle in my room, listening to… Continue reading

Bon Iver – Calgary

Few albums have moved me the way that Bon Iver’s “For Emma, Forever Ago” did in 2008. At first listen, the song “Calgary” is rather bleak but after a while it starts to… Continue reading

#19. Kent – Tillbaka till Samtiden

Artist: Kent Album: Tillbaka till Samtiden Country: Sweden Released: 2007 Web: Kent’s official website Favourite tracks: Elefanter, Columbus, Vy från ett luftslott, LSD, någon?, Ensammast i Sverige Some love them. Others hate them.… Continue reading

#16. David Gray – White Ladder

Artist: David Gray Album: White Ladder Country: England Released: March 2000 Web: David Gray’s Official Website Favourite Tracks: Please Forgive Me, This Years Love, Sail Away, Say Hello Wave Goodbye David Gray’s forte… Continue reading

First snow and a show

The first snow has fallen. Mixed with rain and soon to be splashed around the highways. Traffic chaos. People rushing to the subways in wet coats and boots. Winter in Stockholm sucks. Oh,… Continue reading