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The Alchemy of Dreams

Alchemy: any magical power or process of transmuting a common substance, usually of little value, into a substance of great value It was two days before my 30th birthday. I had finally found… Continue reading

Passion bearing fruit

I am back in Ubud. Ubud is back in me. This time is different though. This time I am staying. At least long enough to know, where to go from here. And so… Continue reading

October captured on camera

1st of November and it seems the longer I don’t write the more difficult it becomes. To put words on this thing I call life. These things that keeps me busy as yellow… Continue reading

You just know

How do you know? She said & the answers fell like feathers, or the first snowflakes of November. Light & without words I looked in her eyes & smiled. You just know, I… Continue reading

I am happy, I am alive


There is something magical in the air I can’t seem to put my finger on it But everything I touch Turns to gold

The Future at THE THIEF

This is the face of a woman who has just walked out of the doors of Oslo’s most highly ranked and respected hotel. With a job contract! (and a slight eye infection but… Continue reading

My friends are my world

The best days of this summer just left with a train to the airport. And here I am, in my living room, enjoying the most delicious Swiss chocolate, to the beautiful sound of… Continue reading

On top of the world

This summer keeps on giving. And I’m just bathing in the light.  


Life is ridiculously good at the moment! The sun is constantly shining. Outside and within. Days and nights mend into one. From the first rays that awake me in the morning, till the… Continue reading