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Old School

A friend sent me this. Look how naturally cool we are! (Batman was big at the time 😉 I’m the small faced blond girl, forth from the top left.

Catching trains, catching up

Two weeks ago it was the end of summer. Now, it is beginning of autumn… Swedish summer is sweet but short. I am so glad I got August. Leaving the job in Lofoten… Continue reading

Åka tåg

om du kan lova mig guld och gröna skogar en lönngång som alltid leder hem aldrig leder bort så ska jag anförtro en hemlighet avstånd är bara på låtsas och det mesta går… Continue reading

Pics from W.O.W

Btw, I love my life!

The other day while getting ready to head down to the park of Slottsskogen with the sounds of the festival pumping into the open balcony door, I couldn’t help but exclaim: I love… Continue reading

Ultimate freedom

Waking up early, a warm embrace. Freshly brewed coffee, we open all the windows and set the wind free in the apartment. I put on my jogging shoes, iPod charged with artists I… Continue reading

Design your own shoes/life

I have been home for almost a week. And I mean that literally. I have not left the house on more than two occasions; when I went to visit Frida and her family… Continue reading

If you ask about my plans

grilla, bada, sola, dansa, skåla, skratta, hänga, äta jordgubbar, gå i gräset, spela brännboll, dricka öl, läsa pocket, äta frukost på balkongen, sitta på bryggan, lyssna på radio, cykla, skriva, åka tåg, gå… Continue reading

On the sunny (Swedish) side

I am on the train back home to Sweden. Yeah, it’s a long story but basically things at work, didn’t work out. It may sound a little dramatic that I quit work yesterday… Continue reading

There is no place like a mother’s love

“Hej lille vän, Återigen en varm dag. Börjar bli lite jobbigt för “gamla kärringar”. Men snart kommer hösten … och då trivs jag lite bättre med klimatet. Just nu inne och bakar en… Continue reading