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What kind of friend are you?

Can I count on you to be there, no matter what? she said & I said no & she said what kind of friend are you? & I said the kind who won’t… Continue reading

30 minutes to the ground

I have 30 minutes to write. 30 minutes before I drop to the ground. 30 minutes before I need to go to work and put on the service-minded, professional and cheerful costume. It… Continue reading

Heavenly Mother, bless this food

Food has always been a central matter in my family. Not only is my dad a cook, but my mom stayed a year at an old fashion house keeping school where they learnt… Continue reading

A day in the blogosphere

This is what happens in the blogosphere: You open your laptop and go to your usual pages You peek into your own blog, hello me… You check for comments (always a pleasure) and… Continue reading

The soundtrack of our lives

The Swedish band the Soundtrack of Our Lives happens to be one of my all time favourite bands ( “Instant Repeater ’99” and “The flood” would make it to my top 100 songs)… Continue reading

Sweden rocks!

Another reason to love the fall: Album releases! I am excited beyond words because so many of my favourite Swedish artists are coming out with new material! I already posted the song “Love”… Continue reading

Can you see my (orange) aura?

I have developed a growing interest in spirituality, or maybe awaken some of what I used to have, growing up… makes sense? I don’t know. It seems the deeper we dig, the more… Continue reading

Let’s make green

I told you before I needed to balance this whole spirit searching with simple and plain laughter. So when my girlfriends called to ask if I wanted to go for drinks I was… Continue reading

Elin Ruth Sigvardsson – Love

Weather report

It has been windy lately, outside and inside of my mind. And just like the season is changing, so am I. I still haven’t found the appropriate thing to wear to match this… Continue reading