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A million worth of sunrises

Lately, my days have turned into nights and nights into long waken hours. I have rested my eyes on the approaching sunlight instead of my pillow and embraced the rousing sensation of nature,… Continue reading

Smiling silence

in the car on the way home from the supermarket he tells her how happy he is to wake up next to her and how great everything is when she is around and… Continue reading

Tears of joy

. she danced in the rain and the music filled up every space there ever was in between them and maybe because it was so loud they could let it go and be… Continue reading

On my way

Tussilago – a sign of spring

I took my mother’s old bike out for a real round of the countryside where I live. Horses were running, tractors were humming and birds were fluttering over the mudded fields and the… Continue reading

Coming home, to go away

I sometimes wonder what it is that made me such a drifting spirit. Or is the spirit always a drifter and its the mind that keeps everything in place? Maybe, it requires for… Continue reading

Ain’t no sunshine (in Sweden in March)

Once again, I’m on a fast train in Sweden sitting in a little private compartment with panorama windows. In the periphery of my eye, a silent film is flashing by with a dull,… Continue reading

Smiles for miles

It is 5.45 in the morning and I am lying in my bed, listening to the subtle sounds of chimes outside my window for the very last time. Soon, the prayers from Bo… Continue reading

Ups, downs and forwards

The sunlight hits a cd in the window that cast its reflection onto the ceiling and becomes a heart. Right in between me and Lorena, in our white bare shoulder’s dresses. Two angels… Continue reading

Wild spirits fly off route

I have not yet travelled the world. I do not know the secrets of the universe, or even why I prefer letters to numbers. I do not know why the moon has an… Continue reading