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Escalating heart in a backpack

Today is Friday the 13th. Not that I am in any way superstitious. No, for me, this date has another kind of horror to it. I leave South Africa in just one month,… Continue reading

Underneath the sky

It was 39 degrees in Cape Town this weekend. The air-con broke down in the office. I was almost slipping off my chair from sweat. Before work I took a morning walk in… Continue reading

La lala…life is Wonderful

Always you

This weekend I spent with the sun, the moon, the stars, the mountains, the waves, the rum and lime, the guitar, the tent, the fire, the braii, the rock pool, the smooth water,… Continue reading

Carping the Diem

Looking back at a random day in my life I realize how many moments there are of complete, slightly taken for granted HAPPINESS. Most days I wake up from sunshine in my room.… Continue reading

Team Sweden Pics

It’s been two crazy, wonderful, intense, lovely, heart-warming weeks with my friends. Here are just a few of the good ones we’ve had:

Mr Winter

Late November still no snow Mr Winter is waiting on the subway like everyone else for a second there you almost had me fooled I belong to nobody and nobody is always around… Continue reading

It’s about love

I was brought up knowing only unconditional love. Some of the first memories of love that I can recall are the ones of my mother. When she returned from work, opening the hallway… Continue reading

Lazy lover

rest your beautiful bones between my thighs lay a glimpse of your desires on me your lows, your highs come in lust even for unspoken reasons, for your branches upwards, outwards, side ways… Continue reading


Me, La Maria and Bella Lorena (aka Charlies Angels) Fruit coctails, white sand, hammocks, siestas, beach walks, swimming, snorkeling, shellfish, fresh food, admiring the sunsets, dancing all night, laughing, being chicas locas, checking… Continue reading