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Secret Smile

I don’t need to know I don’t need nothing but this smile on my face everything is already mine

Rocking the Daisies

Friday night. My neighbour is vacuum cleaning. The window is open. Spring is finally here! We are expecting 27 degrees tomorrow. I am having a toasted sandwich with sliced fresh strawberries, rocket, brie… Continue reading

Hay Fest

shifts in the grass waltzing my Darling infinite skies and wound up guitars we have come a long way to be Rocking the Daisies lets gather the hay un tie your laces rolling… Continue reading

Daisies Pics

Another good day in Cape

Today – like all other days, was a good day. And yes, my back is killing me with every breath, but what can I do? Hold my breath? Not for long. No, I… Continue reading

Wine fridays

slow connection but hey, i got wine friday night and a lot to do but hey, i got music tomorrow is not today and who knows when I will find myself barefoot in… Continue reading

Pleasure is all yours

smile away with me we will make the clouds sail away this is how it feels a million moments at once pleasure is all yours baby