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The more, the merrier

On Sunday I met up with Moa and her sister Hanna and we went to the Nobel Peace Center. Apart from being a super inspiring and creative Center, there was a photo exhibition… Continue reading


Bibi has gone back to Stockholm, Moa spends the night at her sister’s place and Charlotte at her boyfriend’s. I’m alone in the apartment. The bags and clothes that were spread out on… Continue reading

Mi casa su casa

It’s almost noon and in my kitchen there are cocktail glasses, wine glasses and empty bottles. Apparently we almost used up all the Disaronno liquor making Amaretto Sour drinks yesterday. But they were… Continue reading

Goldfish – Get Busy Living

One of my favourite bands; South African Goldfish, with a new catchy tune and funny video.

I would have cleaned up

I’m sorry. I didn’t know you were coming or I’d have cleaned up a little more. My life, I mean, not just the apartment. From “The Time Traveler’s Wife” by Audrey Niffenegger

The world can wait

Today I am catching up. Catching up with sleep which there hasn’t been much of the last week. Catching up with friends and family that have been trying to reach me. Catching up… Continue reading

Roadtrip n’ pics

Last weekend me and a friend rented a convertible car and drove down the coast from Oslo to Kristiansand. A distance of 320 kilometers so we calculated about 3,5 hours of driving. But… Continue reading

Some indulgence

I don’t start work until 3 p.m. so I had plenty of time at the gym this morning while the rain was tapping the windows of the SATS ceiling. When I got home… Continue reading

Spell of rain

There’s a spell of rain across the sky Days drizzle by, not like a stream that runs Over stones and timber, roaring and thriving Towards the greater depth, but rather softly My fingertips… Continue reading