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Piloxing, Pilates, Parties and People

I just came back from Ashtanga yoga class, held by an Indian, quite attractive, young man. Relax your body and surrender to your breath, he repeated with a soothing and set voice. I… Continue reading

Sailing through sunny weather

If my eyes were camera lenses with a built-in automatic smile-snapshot function, I would have tons of beautiful pictures to show you from the last couple of days. If my ears were recorders… Continue reading

Midsummer Pics

Friends & Foo Fighters

I had a great time in Stockholm and although just briefly, I got to see some of my very best friends. I stayed on Sevan’s couch in her new apartment in Gröndal. Being… Continue reading

Yes Man!

Have you seen the movie “Yes Man” when Jim Carrey persistently says “Yes” to everything? Well, lately I’ve been saying Yes! I am invited to a party after work and I say yes.… Continue reading

Perfect Sun-Day

Yesterday’s rain is gone, today is a beautiful sunny day. I’m listening to my Sun-Day-Morning-Feel-Good Spotify playlist with classics from Nina Simone, Bob Dylan, Otis Redding, Stevie Wonder and Sam Cooke. My open… Continue reading

Perfect Saturday

Perfect Saturday morning. I woke up from the sound of rain outside my window. I put my gumboots on and walked to Café Laundromat, the America inspired café where you can have your… Continue reading

Time is on my side, time to smile

Lately, I seem to have so much time. Now, I still have my equal share of 24 hours a day like everyone else, but we all know time is a relative experience. And… Continue reading

Be You

Under the rainbow

There has been a beautiful light over the city for the last couple of evenings, and tonight at 9.30, just before the sun was about to set, the sky decided to liberate a… Continue reading