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Such is the yin and yang of Cambodia

There are two faces to Cambodia: one shiny and happy, the other dark and complex. For every illegal eviction of city dwellers or land grab by a general, there will be a new… Continue reading

Cheers blend with tears

There is a buzz from inside the bar Like a bee, stuck in jar There’s all sounds of chatter Inside of my head Cheers blend with tears Morfar is dead 3 days until… Continue reading

Growing apart


Farewell Reel

It’s been a hard time and when it rains it rains on me the sky just opens and when it rains it pours I walk alone assaulted it seems by tears from heaven… Continue reading

Life, comma, change, me

This will be the end of this chapter. You won’t tell the difference of course, but I will, since I am the writer here. There is a point, or maybe a comma, between… Continue reading

Begging for rain

afterwards, when I am not with you and you are alone enough to count the nails in your heart, tough, and studded like a treasure-house door, when you arrange your silences in the… Continue reading

My life’s like a subway

It’s 2 am. I should sleep, I start working in 4 hours. But feelings that I’ve held locked up for so long is slowly peeking out a crack in my heart. Don’t let… Continue reading