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The Big 5 (and the countless moments)

We have just come back from a safari weekend in Kruger National Park. Something me and Malin first spoke of maybe a year ago, back in Oslo. And now it’s over. I tried… Continue reading

A beautiful transition

First of March hits like a stone thrown at my pretty glasshouse. It doesn’t brake or shatter my world completely, it just creates a little crack through which I can start to see… Continue reading

Victoria Falls to Cape Town

Knysna Getaway Weekend

Gary Thomas on guitar

One of South Africa’s best new acts and greatest guitarists. I love this sound!

Goldfish – Get Busy Living

One of my favourite bands; South African Goldfish, with a new catchy tune and funny video.

Had I been in Cape Town today…

Today I’ve been missing Cape Town. Maybe because it’s Sunday… The best day for having pancakes for breakfast. I would add a delicious Mocha from Vida e Caffé or herbal tea at Birds.… Continue reading

Senses is (again) where it’s at

Senses is where it’s at. It is what I concluded when I left Cape Town 2 years ago and it is what comes to mind when I once again find myself in front… Continue reading

Forecast = Happiness

Stepping Stones and Table Mountains

Cape Town is like the love of your life, you feel you’ve met too soon. The place has a certain atmosphere, a spirit of old struggles and new hope. There is a creativeness… Continue reading