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Love and Light

Had her soul  Ever been so light It lit the path Home, Into his arms            

Keep your inner space clear

Ordinary unconsciousness is always linked in some way with denial of the Now. The Now, of course, also implies the Here. Are you resisting the here and now? Some people would rather be… Continue reading

A ride with Jason Silva!

Jason Silva! Seriously!!! Get your daily dose on Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, Twitter etc!!!

The answer must be in the attempt

Meeting and parting

These separate us: Long mountain ranges, a rainbow, an invisible sun endlessly falling winter rain the proud light of my dark face. These unite us: The heartbeat of waves, an endless telephone wire… Continue reading

If the fish were to ask…

He is the essence of void and space Space doesn’t exist, except as mind’s notion What is Khizr* to say or to show if the fish were to ask where is the ocean?… Continue reading