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The (Southern) paths we cross

The truck has arrived the coastal city of Swakopmund, an old German colony sometimes claimed to be more German than Germany itself. I think it looks pretty African with its palm trees and… Continue reading

Northern Lights dancing over me

There were Northern Lights over Hudiksvall last night! Last time I saw it here was in 2001, and just like yesterday, it was only a vague shade of turquoise dancing on the sky,… Continue reading

A marvelous night for a moon dance

A full moon is shining tonight, like a silver drop in the sky. Everything is crystal clear. I take a deep breath and let it form into a cloud as I exhale. My… Continue reading

While you were sleeping

There is so much beauty happening while we are asleep… The golden moon setting in the ocean. The stars sparkling up above Camps Bay nightlife music slowly fading in the background. People leaving… Continue reading

Looking up. Looking in…

My mind is pulling in all sorts of direction right now. One part of me tries to realize that I leave for Italy in two days while another is looking for job opportunities… Continue reading

Looking at the stars

We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars Oscar Wilde

The greater constellation

Pieces of me, resembling stars, are spread out over an infinite sky They seem to have an arrangement I am unaware of All I can do, is look up, and appreciate the beauty… Continue reading