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Stockholm and other places

I will remember these days just as I remember those wild ones on the road, in the desert and beautiful, distant beaches barefoot, with sand between my toes I will remember these days… Continue reading

Stockholm i mitt hjärta

Stockholm to Sicily

After two absolutely stunning days in Stockholm, I am at the airport to meet up with my mom and catch a flight to Sicily. It’s impossible to convey the beauty of Stockholm in… Continue reading

Midsummer and more

I work A LOT these days. I don’t have any vacation except for the last days of August and the first of September. Until then, I work pretty much 6 days a week.… Continue reading

In transit

I am at my dad’s house in Rättvik, Dalarna. The sun is glistening on the snow-covered fields outside. I keep warm by the fireplace inside. Five days ago, I arrived Stockholm looking like a… Continue reading

At home.

I know I may be the only one smiling, as the snowflakes whirl down on the streets of Stockholm. Other Swedes can’t wait for winter to be over! But I have missed this.

My heart is packed and ready to go

It’s the day of departure. My bag is packed, my boarding pass is printed. I have booked a place to stay for the first night, a spiritual little retreat in Ubud, right next… Continue reading

Hej då Sverige, Ciao ciao Italia!

After two days of cold rain in Stockholm… …me and mom are six hours away from our flight to sunny Sardinia! I took a six hours train from Oslo, arrived around 3 pm,… Continue reading

VK 2012 – Not your avarage conference

I slept fifteen hours yesterday and still today I was a little out of sync’. Maybe I’m catching a cold, maybe I still haven’t recovered from the annual Nordic Choice Winter Conference in… Continue reading

Friends & Foo Fighters

I had a great time in Stockholm and although just briefly, I got to see some of my very best friends. I stayed on Sevan’s couch in her new apartment in Gröndal. Being… Continue reading