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Yes Man!

Have you seen the movie “Yes Man” when Jim Carrey persistently says “Yes” to everything? Well, lately I’ve been saying Yes! I am invited to a party after work and I say yes.… Continue reading

Taking time to make time

My best friend Bibi and her boyfriend Lito was back in Sweden after a year in the Philippines. I couldn’t possibly move to Oslo without seeing them so we scheduled three days together… Continue reading

Socializing in Stockholm

The train is gently swaying forward… Graveled pavements and city streetlights are replaced by snowy white fields and red wooden houses. Sweden in March. It all feels so familiar. When I came to… Continue reading

On the inside

Stockholm. I pull the hood over my head and escape into a nest, like everyone else, my gaze is down on the slush of snow that has got a brownish tone from all… Continue reading

Play on

After my little friends and fam trip of two weeks I was supposed to stay home in the small town and start straighten things out, where to go, what to do. The usual.… Continue reading

Home and Away

Back with my old room mate in Stockholm. Brushing teeth, talking. A part of me wish I could stay… But I’m only here for two days. Yesterday I took a stroll on the… Continue reading

Meze mingle

Sunday morning. Spring rain is pouring over the lush tree tops of Stockholm. My window is wide open, like my heart. Lying on my bed I have a perfect view of the sky,… Continue reading

Bounce, Bounce, Baby

I had an awesome weekend! Sunny Saturday breakfast with the boys followed by sushi with Maria in the city, Urban Outfitters shopping with my sister, summerish fruit drinks at home before the Last… Continue reading


Five boys in the house tonight. My roomies’ 10 year old cousins, chips, candy and coke. Movie night with the company of Rocky Balboa and Ivan Drago. Brings the men out of the… Continue reading

Little furry buds ready to blossom

I dreamt of great whales whipping their tails on the surface of the pond, beneath my window. Like the ones I used to see in South Africa. Like the ones I will soon… Continue reading