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Looking in my rearview mirror

I’ve always been a traveller. I’ve written before about how my Dad lived in different places when me and my brother were young and how my mom would send us off on buses… Continue reading

Signs of blue skies

A sensation is starting to stir within me, like the spring sun that slowly awakens and tries on her new rays. I have a feeling something is about to happen. And I don’t… Continue reading

Airports see it all the time

It is a sunny winter’s day today. My brother is here and the day started off with a little brother-sister quarrel. Why is he always so insensitive? Why couldn’t he just sneak out,… Continue reading

It’s the time of the season

I’m not on a road trip in the sunny country side of a warm country, but I am smiling and just now, at 5 o’clock in the afternoon, I was as close to… Continue reading

Submit or Surpass

Since a few years, in between travels and studies, I have worked in a local supermarket, just south of Stockholm City. Five of those years, split in five different times in my life… Continue reading

At home, alright

Believe it or not, but I have moved again. This time, Micke came and picked me and my bags up so I didn’t have to take turns on the subway. It wasn’t hard… Continue reading


I don’t know why, but lately things around me have felt distant. Like there is a reality check knocking on my door and waiting for me to answer. What are we living for,… Continue reading

Open doors

The snow whirled around today and I let the Xmas spirit slowly roll in and settle on my hat. I took a stroll around the so called bohemian-chic area I now live in… Continue reading


Sunday I invited some friends over for a glögg gathering. It was a foul and rainy dark evening but inside my little flat the world was warm and comfy. The mulled wine was… Continue reading

Let it snow

It’s 1.47 a.m and I can’t sleep. The fact that my alarm is set on 5.05 doesn’t really make me relax. I give up and make myself a cup of tea. The advent lights… Continue reading