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Hello’s and goodbye’s

I’m moving again tonight. Green line to Medborgarplatsen. Did you really think I would stay? I would if Jesper hadn’t asked me to look after his place for two months while he goes… Continue reading

Socializing Sunday

It’s the first Sunday of Advent. The hundreds of glowing stars and candles lit up the city in its other so grey and foggy disguise. I woke up with an after taste of… Continue reading

Inner and outer worlds

Stockholm is sleepy today. I close my eyes and open my ears.

Sick and/or tired

I know this feeling. Sore throat, swollen tonsils, head ready to explode, body aching… Shit, I’m getting sick. Or I am just very tired. So tired I didn’t hear the alarm this morning… Continue reading

First snow and a show

The first snow has fallen. Mixed with rain and soon to be splashed around the highways. Traffic chaos. People rushing to the subways in wet coats and boots. Winter in Stockholm sucks. Oh,… Continue reading

Glüwein – why not?

I slept well in my satin sheets, thank you. I woke up a few times during the night gazing out the window…at the stars, the Big Dipper (Karlavagnen) almost dipping over…the pond beneath… Continue reading

Moving on

Moving on, moving out. Moving in with two guys from back home (brothers, so don’t get any ideas) that has a four bed room apartment in Liljeholmen, or actually on top of the… Continue reading

Heavenly Mother, bless this food

Food has always been a central matter in my family. Not only is my dad a cook, but my mom stayed a year at an old fashion house keeping school where they learnt… Continue reading

Let’s make green

I told you before I needed to balance this whole spirit searching with simple and plain laughter. So when my girlfriends called to ask if I wanted to go for drinks I was… Continue reading

Stray cat looking for a flat

It’s Friday night and I find myself in yet another apartment. Fifth place in eight weeks. Five months in the same suitcase. And still, I have no idea where I am staying after… Continue reading