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Embrace the messy imperfection

Embrace the messy imperfection of your path. Face your fears. Soon you will welcome a brand new world full of the rewards of your courage. M. K.

Maya Angelou – Still I Rise

Frailties and strenghts

The wind is whining outside my window…it sound almost like a cry… I have mentioned that before I go to sleep every night I say thanks for what the day has brought. Well,… Continue reading

Mankind is no island

Who is left to tell?

We pay little attention when people say “take care”, but it is such a considerate thing to say. Taking care of ourselves is our sole responsibility. There is no safety net but our… Continue reading

Weather report

It has been windy lately, outside and inside of my mind. And just like the season is changing, so am I. I still haven’t found the appropriate thing to wear to match this… Continue reading