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A silent summer sigh

The last breath of July came as a silent sigh. This is the summer that never happened. But I embrace the change of season, despite autumn arriving about a month too soon. This… Continue reading

Koster Islands (Sweden)

We met up with Lee’s parents that were visiting from Australia, caught a ferry over to Sydkoster – South Koster Island, on the Swedish west coast and stayed in a cabin without running… Continue reading

Faded summer skin

Summer ended as quickly as it had arrived. It was one of the most intense Scandinavians summers I had experienced, and even now it seems almost like a dream… You and me in… Continue reading

The cherry on top

It’s midnight and still almost 30 degrees outside. My windows are wide open and I sleep with nothing but a thin sheet. Is this Scandinavia or South of Europe? Summer of 2014 –… Continue reading

Life was beginning

And so with the sunshine and the great bursts of leaves growing on the trees, just as things grow in fast movies, I had that familiar conviction that life was beginning over again… Continue reading

On top of the world

This summer keeps on giving. And I’m just bathing in the light.  

Blind Pilot – We Are The Tide

A favourite from last summer which makes my whole heart want to dance!

This is it

This is it. I am reminded every time I run along the river, everytime I pass by the sign at the University of Art. And it makes me push harder. Afterwards, I lay lazin’… Continue reading

Weekend in Göteborg

My sister studies in Gothenburg which is just 3,5 hours from Oslo and last weekend our dad took a road trip down to meet us there. Picnics, barbecues, sunshine, cliffs, ocean, strawberries, shopping,… Continue reading

The unpredictable sky

The colours of summer: Green grass, blossoming lilacs, blue skies and a big bright sun. But more than anything, it’s the smell. The sweetest perfume unbottled. I run along the river. I go… Continue reading