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Life is ridiculously good at the moment! The sun is constantly shining. Outside and within. Days and nights mend into one. From the first rays that awake me in the morning, till the… Continue reading

A day in the life

Yesterday, my room mate Maria, having just come back from a 2 weeks vacation in Chile, asked me a question through the thin wall that separate our rooms: So, are you doing anything… Continue reading

Diamond necklace

You wander from room to room, hunting for the diamond necklace that is already around your neck. Rumi

Happy Forever Now!

A New Year. According to the Gregorian calendar a year is made up by 365.242199 days but sometimes, due to a mismatch with astronomical events, time needs to take a leap to re-synchronize… Continue reading

Between letting go and landing

The first snow has fallen. White frost decorates the brittle autumn leaves. Random little spots of ice remind me that it’s time to store away the bike soon. Nature is in transit… Glorious… Continue reading

Family fall

It’s weekend again. This one I’ve spent peacefully with my family. My grandmother, uncle and cousin came over for dinner Saturday night. My mom’s lamb meatballs with parsley and lemon zest cooked in… Continue reading

Dad and Dalarna

I am at my dad’s big house in the country side of Rättvik Dad really has a knack for personal decorating He runs a second-hand shop (one could almost think it was in… Continue reading