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Planting seeds for the unknown

Deep thoughts rolling in. Cold breezes too. Autumn is in the air. Secretly I give out a sigh of relief. This summer wasn’t mine anyway. I had my year in the sun and… Continue reading

Pendulums and Pain

One year later, Law of attraction becomes Law of detachment. What I have attracted is detaching from me. A pendulum swinging back and forth but time moves on. Ticking like a bomb. I’ve got… Continue reading

Juni, Juli, Augusti

Summer-Sweden at its best. Strawberries and talk of heat waves. A glass of terrace chic rosé gazing on the street smart. Train rides and ditch bikes, music festivals and lukewarm cans of beer.… Continue reading

A million worth of sunrises

Lately, my days have turned into nights and nights into long waken hours. I have rested my eyes on the approaching sunlight instead of my pillow and embraced the rousing sensation of nature,… Continue reading

Breathing life

Isn’t it ironic that when you travel you feel more alive than ever, still people say that being home, is life? I’ve heard it a lot since I got back from South Africa.… Continue reading

Coming home, to go away

I sometimes wonder what it is that made me such a drifting spirit. Or is the spirit always a drifter and its the mind that keeps everything in place? Maybe, it requires for… Continue reading

Existential jetlag

There was something strange about today. Like the day wasn’t suppose to happen. A miscalculation of some sort. A time gap. I woke up from a nightmare. I was being haunted by something… Continue reading

Smiles for miles

It is 5.45 in the morning and I am lying in my bed, listening to the subtle sounds of chimes outside my window for the very last time. Soon, the prayers from Bo… Continue reading

Are you the river, or am I?

are you the river or am I do I flow into the sea or do you flow into me why is it when I try to slake my thirst you disappear when you… Continue reading

Ups, downs and forwards

The sunlight hits a cd in the window that cast its reflection onto the ceiling and becomes a heart. Right in between me and Lorena, in our white bare shoulder’s dresses. Two angels… Continue reading