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Beautiful days in Pondicherry

From this shady garden cafe, with old French colonial, rusty steel and romantic rose decor, I forget for a moment that I am in India. Ambient jazz and acoustic guitar mingles with expat… Continue reading

Elephant Nature Park

I know it’s tempting to want to get up on those friendly looking elephant’s backs, bumping along the roads of Thailand, feeling like you are transferred to another time, connected with nature and… Continue reading


Light has returned to this side of the world. The sun lingers on the horizon a little longer each evening and soon nights will be bright, and warmth will start to fill the… Continue reading

Had I been in Cape Town today…

Today I’ve been missing Cape Town. Maybe because it’s Sunday… The best day for having pancakes for breakfast. I would add a delicious Mocha from Vida e Caffé or herbal tea at Birds.… Continue reading

Gems and stones

After four days in Rome, mom and I caught a train north to Le Cinque Terre – the five mountain villages in Liguria. After only 3,5 hours the chaos and constant traffic noise… Continue reading

Tourists vs Travelers

Tourists don’t know where they’ve been. Travelers don’t know where they’re going Paul Theroux

Whale watching (us?)

There is something peaceful about whales I think. Maybe it’s the fact that they are so big (15-20 metres) and slow (well, about 50 kph) It’s the way they live at the bottom… Continue reading

Summer job

I should probably tell you that I’ve started working at the outdoor centre. It lies in Buksnesfjord, a mountain framed fjord in between two villages in Vesterålen. Nigel and Ingvild, the owners, greeted… Continue reading

Reine = Paradise?

It is midnight in Reine and I’m sitting in the kitchen of my wooden fishermens hut, the rorbu as it is called in Norwegian. It looks like midday because of the light outside… Continue reading

Being perceptive is the key to service

I studied tourism and service management, a definition hard to clarify. The tourism industry IS the largest industry of the world (according to the World Bank) and the most important source of income… Continue reading