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Train thoughts

I find myself on a train, somewhere in the Swedish woods. I’m at a table and opposite me is a fat woman who probably should have paid for two seats. On my left… Continue reading

Happy Happenings!

Our clothes are spread out in piles all over the floor. Our tickets and hotel confirmations are printed, or at least some of it. Our passports are around here somewhere. I don’t care… Continue reading

Bergen, Norway


Recipe for an amazing homecoming weekend: Have a smooth train ride. Arrive with a smile. Hug your mom. Enjoy her food and company. Have a good glass of wine. Have a rest. Bike… Continue reading




Early morning, everything is quiet. Except for the soft sound of his breath, heavy dreaming and drugged out from his knee surgery. Wrapped up in bandage and still wearing the hospital name tag… Continue reading

A trip, or three

Excuse the silence. I’ve been away on a trip, or three. It was about time I went to visit one of my best friends, Lorena, who has moved back to Switzerland after four… Continue reading

My friends are my world

The best days of this summer just left with a train to the airport. And here I am, in my living room, enjoying the most delicious Swiss chocolate, to the beautiful sound of… Continue reading

Knysna Getaway Weekend

Falling in love with India

Oh, the fresh breeze from the sea mending with the warm evening air… The seducing sound of waves, crashing against the shore beneath the cliff’s edge. The swaying palm trees, the pretty hibiscus… Continue reading