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Women of the World

In my sleeping car to Sapa there is a 65 year old Japanese house wife, travelling by herself. She keeps a journal of food she has enjoyed and friends she has made. She… Continue reading

Cambodia on a whim

My trip to Cambodia was a total whim. Not to my surprise, I leave in the same kind of unorganized manner… I have changed my plans so many times in the last two… Continue reading

My heart is packed and ready to go

It’s the day of departure. My bag is packed, my boarding pass is printed. I have booked a place to stay for the first night, a spiritual little retreat in Ubud, right next… Continue reading

Leaving the loved ones

Im on the train from Hudiksvall to Stockholm. A route I’ve taken a thousand times. But with me I’ve got flight tickets to Indonesia, South East Asia and India, trips I’m taking for… Continue reading

Leaving the safe harbour

I’m sitting in Malin’s living room, listening to the rain picking on the window pane. I’m alone as she took a train to our home town this morning. The same town that my… Continue reading

It’s in the air

The last breath of summer came with a steady glow of sunshine. We had almost lost hope, but that summer feel finally set in and made all the wait worth while. I’m reminded… Continue reading

What makes the world go round

Not only did I awake abruptly from a work phone call this morning, I was also hit by a sudden sensation, a kind of insight dawning on me as I started making out… Continue reading

Friends that bring sunshine

The last couple of days have been sunny, but today the sky is grey. I don’t mind though. The sun shone on me and my visiting friends. Pontus, Patrik and Michael are three… Continue reading

June becomes July

Fresh summer days and bright summer nights pass by. Day by day, June is left behind. What a month! Catching up with friends in Stockholm, Hudiksvall and Rättvik. Friends with children, friends who… Continue reading

Pics from Porto Taverna, Sardinia

Sun, sea, food…and more food.